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Kickboxing is becoming increasingly popular, not only because it teaches people an art to be used in self-defense or in the sport itself, but more importantly because of its cardiovascular and fitness benefits. Moreover, because of the aggressive nature of kickboxing, it is an outstanding avenue for stress relief. Any kind of exercise can help relieve stress, but kickboxing, in particular, has the benefit of helping one to aggressively assert himself or herself through choreographic kicking and punching. The vigor of the workouts in kickboxing can help relieve physical and mental stress, as well as increase strength and coordination.

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While kickboxing benefits such as stress relief and increased strength and agility are often the most obvious and prominent, one should not underestimate the benefit of kickboxing for self-defense. Learning kickboxing (which is a sporting cousin of karate and taekwondo) can make a person feel increasingly self-confident when in dangerous or physically contentious circumstances.

Believe it or not, while kickboxing can be a difficult and strenuous exercise, it can also be enjoyable. Learning techniques from trainers can be both challenging and exhilarating. As one begins to perfect difficult moves and techniques in the sport, he or she will often begin to have fun in progressing toward particular goals. As a person achieves these goals, increasing speed and agility, one begins to get lighter on the feet, as well as nimbler, quicker and smarter. Kickboxing benefits for health and well-being are numerous. This high-energy workout burns fat, works a variety of muscles, and relieves stress.

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